We provide container freight stations where goods are consolidated or de-consolidated after being imported or before being exported. Our services include a full range of 3PL solutions, providing open or covered warehouse spaces and logistics distribution.

Your goods will be marketed safely, reliably and as cost-effectively as possible. We work jointly with our customers to ensure that there will be solutions to meet their business requirements base on market demands.

Having a 3PL system will help to organise your shipment concisely – which includes Transportation, Warehousing, Global Services and Information Technology. With 3PL, we can help you customise your services, which help to reduce cost and risk while improving your satisfaction with real-time tracking and alerts for event management. You will be given complete visibility of your stock held by both the warehouse and your customers.

Should you need maximum warehouse operations or CFS services, do feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff for more information.